Date:   01/07/2018

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25th May 2018 all businesses, large and small, must state how they store, process and distribute personal data.

Information we hold in respect to our customers
1. Full name  -  or first name only
2. Job title  -  Business customers only
3. Email Address       
4. Home Address  -  only if made available to us
5. Land Line telephone number  -  only if made available to us
6. Mobile phone number  -  only if made available to us
7. Customer website  -  only if made available to us
8. Historical order activity
9. Preferred payment terms
10. Financial details  -  none
11. Banking details  -  none
12. Credit/debit card details  -  none
13. Passwords  -  only those provided by Nigel Lee Photography to access client pages
14. Customer Type  -  Public, trade, club member, family & friends
Third party systems we use to run our business
Business Banking Organisations
Web Domain Providers
Website Providers
PayPal – Payment receipts
WorldPay – Payment receipts
Framing materials and general suppliers
The above is not meant to be an exhaustive list, it is only a list of our key providers.
Other than accepting payments, no customer data is exchanged between Nigel Lee Photography and any of the above organisations, even if requested.
The above information is only accessible via secure business software.
No other customer data is stored elsewhere.