Nigel Lee Photography | Industry
This is a small selection of images principally portraying the Steel Works on Teesside. This is where I spent the last 26yrs of my working life until it closed in March 2010, reopening for a brief period 2011-2015.
Redcar Blast Furnace Jun-15Steel HouseTeesside SteelworksThe Closing DaysCoke Ovens & WharfFisherman's HutsLoco 276Redcar Coke Ovens By-Products PlantRCO Battery 1 & 2Redcar Blast Furnace Mar-15Spawood 276 at RestTeesside SteelworksSteel House LakeDumper TruckRBT Ore UnloadersUnloaders & Sea CoalersIndustry in ActionM.A.N, What a TankRedcar Blast Furnace Jun-09Meet The Team