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A True Inspiration - Goodbye Tom and Thank You.The LibrarianStay Home - Government Message #1Another great piece of artworks by "Drew" - Pic by Andy ClarkeA simple message can go a long way - Pic by CassEasy as this to spread hope - Pic by CassWhat a fantastic shop front; 'Stay Safe Stay Home'  is the key message - Pic by Cass'Make Marske Happy . . . Again' - Pic by CassLet's Be Happy - Artwork by NigelStay Home - Artwork by NigelThe farmer here has done a great job in showing gratitude to our NHS staff. Excellent - Pic by NigelA fantastic piece of artwork by James Alexander - Pic by NigelThank You For Your Services - Pic by BBC Breakfast NewsThis wonderful artwork is on display at Marske Cricket Club - Artwork by "Drew", Pic by NigelKey Workers; Artist Unknown - Pic by NigelThe Hero Maker. - Artwork by NigelThank you to all our skilled craft personnel for an overwhelming job well done! - Artwork by NigelStay Alert - Government Message #2What a Cool Idea; Rainbow Running Shirts - Pic by Nick DentThe Smugglers Den -Another powerful message, possibly by James Alexander - Pic by Nigel