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Over the years we have been asked to provide mounting services for everything from school artwork to photographic competitions and exhibitions. We provide several levels of mounting, covering your requirements including white and cream core, black Core is also available on all levels. The sizes supported range from as small as 10x8in all the way up to 40x32in. If required we can also produce special large mounts up to 60x40in but in a more limited range of colours.


We can produce single, double mounts, or our very special segmented edge profile. Mounts are normally 1.4mm thickness but we can also offer mounts at 3mm thickness too for a real quality effect.  


Usually, when mounting photographs behind a mount we use an adhesive substrate to affix the print on to. This removes the effect of bubbling and distortion of the print and lays absolutely flat. However, this is optional. Additionally we place a ph neutral barrier board between your artwork and the frame backing to avoid chemical discolouration over time which may be caused by the frame backing board.




MultiMountMulti Aperture MountVarious aperture sizes

SEGMENTED MOUNTS Mount SpecialsSegmented MountsSingle or multi-colour options
Iced Topping-Oak FrameFramed & Mounted PrintSolid oak frame, single mount
Framed 58GFramed & Mounted PrintGunmetal frame, single mount with text box window

Photographic and fine art mounting protects and displays your work in a clean minimalist way and is great for exhibitions with impact, allowing viewers to focus on the artwork.

Picture mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and different type of backing board. The most basic is a single mount with no backing board. However backing boards are recommended for artworks that are to be displayed and sold as mounted only. The backing board will give the mounted artwork rigidity for display and handling. Backing boards can be – non-adhesive, adhesive at typically 1.4mm thickness or foamboard in adhesive form which is commonly 5mm thickness.

Other mounts available include double mounts, single mounts on deeper board eg 3mm board. We even offer mounts with silver, gold and black mount fillets/slips.

All of our mounts are made to order by an experienced craftsperson with many years’ in the business of mount cutting and picture framing. We always use professional equipment and fresh blades along with white core or conservation grade mountboard to produce the best quality mounts that can be produced.