Our most popular photo paper for the professional due to its resistance to fingerprints, yet it maintains colour saturation but with a lustre surface so is glare free. Perfect for high use applications such as wedding albums or wall display art. Also the perfect choice for displaying artwork behind glass.




Paper type: Archival grade photographic, Epson Professional

Paper finishes:

  • Lustre from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Glossy from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Metallic from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Matte from 5x7" to 60x24"

File types accepted: Jpeg or Tiff, 8 bit or 16bit, Colour Profile- sRGB or Adobe 1998

Ideal Image Resolution:  360ppi;  but no less than 300ppi

Print mounting options: several available

Other options:

  • Colour conversion options
  • Prints in presentation folders
  • Prints in mounts

Photo Print Production Times

Lustre/Glossy up to 18x12"  Same day
Metallic up to 18x12"
  Same day
Lustre/Glossy above 18x12"  Same day
Metallic above 18x12"  Same day
Above timings are based on us receiving your order before:
12 noon  


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