Present your photography professionally with our impressive Gloss or Matte Finish Prints.

Matte or Glossy Photos?

When printing digital photographs you have the additional choice between matte and glossy photo prints vs lustre or metallic.

Glossy photo prints have a shiny finish while matte ones have a more subtle neutral one. So which one should you choose? There is no right answer; there are pros and cons to both.

Difference between Matte or Gloss Photos
Matte and glossy are two different finishes to the photo paper digital photos are printed on. Using different print processes photo paper can have a glossy or a matte finish.

  • Glossy finish looks shiny, reflects light very well and looks vibrant and rich in colour. They do mark easily especially fingerprints.
  • Matte finish on the other hand does not reflect much light and looks 'darker' and duller. Matte prints mark very easily and therefore great care must be exercised with the finished prints.
  • Both are ideal options for wedding and portrait clients.Matte Prints are double-weight professional grade paper giving a superb finished print that is quite thick and tactile.

Great care must be taken with matte prints as they very susceptible to surface marking. 




Paper type: Archival grade photographic, Epson Professional

Paper finishes:

  • Lustre from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Glossy from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Metallic from 5x7" to 60x24"
  • Matte from 5x7" to 60x24"

File types accepted: Jpeg or Tiff, 8 bit or 16bit, Colour Profile- sRGB or Adobe 1998

Ideal Image Resolution:  360ppi;  but no less than 300ppi

Print mounting options: several available

Other options:

  • Colour conversion options
  • Prints in presentation folders
  • Prints in mounts

Photo Print Production Times

Lustre/Glossy up to 18x12"

Up to 2 working days

Metallic up to 18x12"

Up to 3 working days

Lustre/Glossy above 18x12"

Up to 3 working days

Metallic above 18x12"

Up to 3 working days