Nigel Lee Photography | Touring Adventures
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This gallery is dedicated to our touring adventures, usually in the mountainous regions around Europe. Most of these journeys have been undertaken on our touring motorcycles, and more recently in our motorhome (we're a little older now).
The photographs on display here are not intended to be of a professional standard as we usually have to travel light and therefore with very little in the way of professional photographic equipment.
However, we always endeavour to maintain a minimum standard and therefore still hope you enjoys these pictures of our travels.
As you will notice, the galleries containing images of our motorcycle tours don't contain too many pictures for the reasons outlined.
Switzerland 2018Switzerland 2017~3Scotland NC500 2017~2Italian Dolomites 2017~1Austria~Switzerland 2016Italy~Switzerland 2015Austria 2014~2French Pyrenees & Alps 2014~1Slovenia~Croatia 2013Austria~Italy 2012French Alps 2011~1Austria 2011~2Austria~Italy 2010Austria~Italy 2009Austria 2008Austria 2007~2Spanish Pyrenees 2007~1Italy~Sardinia 2006Spanish Pyrenees 2005French Alps 2004Austria 2003French Alps 2002