Digital Image Editing

We offer a professional digital image editing service whereby we can save you time and improve your workflow by providing your business with this highly skilled service. Often a photograph may contain one or more irritating marks, typically sensor dust spots; but often more complex issues such as dust removal, colour correction, or detailed cloning to remove undesirable artefacts.

This can all be done in-house by our skilled personnel saving you time, and money. Just consider this, you have an important venue or display to plan and prepare for. Would you rather spend time enhancing your display, and planning your portfolio and marketing; or be bogged down in the darkroom spending endless hours of non-productive time editing your photographs.


Photo Restoration Service 

Restore your old photos with our photo restoration and enhancement service.

You may have an old but damaged photograph whereby you are wishing to preserve an important part of your family history.

Our modern digital image restoration techniques have an amazing effect on old photographs, not only can they be restored to near their former condition; they can also be dramatically improved during the process.

Example 1:

A little more detailed work to remove dust spots, creases, folds and fading. Hopefully you agree, the two final variants are a great improvement.

Example 2:

This was quite a straightforward edit. Ageing marks removed and a little careful colour correction.

Example 3:

A great deal of detail has gone into this image, from the texture in the wooden hands, to the background, shadow detail in the car; and the personalised number plate of course.


Digital Image Editing and Photo Restoration


1 hour Editing / Restoration Time


Time is allocated in 10 minute slots  –  min’ 10 min’s


Mostly photographs  can be improved in just 10 minutes.

Images with serious defects or those which require detailed cloning and/or enhancement may take a little longer. Rarely does it take one hour or more to complete the process.