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Welcome to the website of Nigel Lee Photography


Based in the UK and working mainly in the North East of England Nigel’s images, often taken close to home are frequently described as dramatic and powerful with skies which are both striking and colourful. He has a renewed passion in life, and for his new profession and this is clearly evident in his work.

Nigel left heavy industry many years ago, not by choice but through the closure of the steel industry. As a mechanical engineer his role whilst extremely intense and demanding; was also very rewarding. Following the closure, life was about to change; or was it? There was simply no way Nigel was about to sit at home watching the clouds floating past the windows, slippers on, feet up watching TV as many would think after 40 years in such a challenging environment.

inspired by a desire to keep active it was time to get out and about with his camera, usually in pretty dreadful weather. Early days started with selling his pictures through local galleries and art shops. Printing and framing came later as a necessity in producing high quality products for his customers. The very strength of his personal nature.

Nigel has a love of black and white photography. Asked why, “well black and white can add a new dimension to the world in the way in which we normally see it. A different way. Colour can sometimes be distracting, yet the same scene in black and white can be powerful, dramatic and subtle at the same time”. It can also be “very technical to capture and create a good black and white image, and I like that”.

Almost exclusively, work is through recommendation from clients who are satisfied and appreciative of the high quality and fast turnaround times the business at Nigel Lee Photography delivers.

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